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Gujarat is one of the major states in the west of India and is the home to many architectural wonders and is famous for its vibrant culture, rich heritage, natural landscape and delicious cuisine. It also known as ‘The Land of Legends’ due to its attractions. Gujarat presents an ideal blend of art, history, music and culture. Apart from its many attractions, Gujarat is also the only home to the Pure Asiatic lions. Gujarat offers natural beauty from the great Rann of Kutch to the hills of Satpura. Apart from this, it is famous for its more than 1600 km long coastline as well as some magnificent ancient cave paintings, historical murals, sacred temples, historical capitals, wildlife sanctuaries, beaches, hill resorts and attractive handicrafts are the best places to Visit In Gujarat.

Let me tell you that Gujarat is very rich in terms of tourism. There are innumerable tourist places to visit in Gujarat, where you can go for a trip.  many temples, wildlife sanctuaries and beaches are the famous places in Gujarat. If you are planning best places to visit in Gujarat then definitely read this article , here we telling you about the famous places in Gujarat.

Best Places to visit in Gujarat

Gujarat state is full of tourist attractions, here we are telling you about some of the tourist places in gujarat that you must visit once in your life. book Gujarat tour package to discover the beauty of  famous places in gujarat.

1 kankaria lake ahmedabad:-

Kankaria Lake Ahmadabad is one of the best places to visit in Gujarat. Let us tell you that Kankaria lake build by Sultan Qutub-ud-din in the year 1451. The lake located in Ahmadabad and is one of the largest lakes in the city. Here is seen a summer palace island garden at Nagina Wadi, which is in the center of Lake Kankaria Ahmadabad. This lake attracts tourists a lot. There is something here for people of all ages. Parks, gardens, recreational centers, boat clubs, zoos and a museum for children are the famous places in Ahmadabad.

The kankaria lake zoo located here which spread over 21 acres of vast land and can see tigers, elephants, anaconda, python and many other animals. Balloon safaris near kankaria lake zoo attract large number of tourists. If you are looking for a best place to visit in Gujarat then Kankaria lake is the best option.

2 Run of Kutch:-

Run of Kutch is one of the best places to visit in Gujarat. Let us tell you that Run of Kutch spread in the north and east of the city of Kutch in Gujarat and is the largest salt desert in the world. When you go to visit here, you will be very attracted to see its beauty. If you are going to famous places in gujarat then book Run of Kutch tour package once, because without it your Gujarat tour is incomplete. The Rann of Kutch is a vast region, which is a part of the Thar Desert. The greater part of Run of Kutch is in the state of Gujarat. While some of it is also in Pakistan.

3 Best time to visit somnath temple:-

Somnath is one of the religious places in Gujarat and famous places in Gujarat. This places is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. It is a city which surrounded by mythology. Somnath is a city of temples with a strong aroma of religion. Let me tell you that there are many mythological stories about the tourist places here. Apart from temples, Somnath also has beaches, museums and other attractions. book dwarka somnath tour package to visit beautiful temples here.

Somnath Temple and Somnath Samudra are one of the famous places in Gujarat. The major temples of Somnath include Geeta Temple, Balukha Tirtha, Kamnath Mahadev Temple and Somnath Museum etc. Somnath is one of the best places to visit in Gujarat. If you are going to visit the tourist places in Gujarat state then you must visit Somnath. September to March are the Best time to visit somnath temple.

4 Gir National Park:-

Gir National Park is one of the best places to visit in Gujarat. Let us tell you that this is a wildlife sanctuary whose main reason for establishment was to protect the Asiatic lions. Please tell that Gir National Park also known as Sasan Gir National Park. Gir National Park located near Talala Gir in Gujarat. Cooperation with the government’s forest department, wildlife activists and NGOs has greatly helped in preserving the flora and fauna of Gir National Park. This national park established in 1965. If you are looking for top places to visit in Gujarat then you must visit Gir National Park once.

5 Laxmi Vilas Palace:-

Laxmi Vilas Palace is one of the most majestic structures in India. This palace is one of the Top places to visit in Gujarat. Laxmi Vilas Palace was the private residence of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III. This palace, spread over an area of ​​about 700 acres, is still home to the royal family of Gaekwad of Vadodara. The lush green gardens near the palace here make it even more attractive. Tourists visiting here can sometimes see monkeys and peacocks roaming around here.

The grounds here also include a 10-hole golf course. A long time ago a small zoo also a part of this area. There is a pond left of which some crocodiles are found. The Laxmi Vilas Palace constructed in 1890 and took almost twelve years to complete. The total cost of building Laxmi Vilas at that time was around £ 180,000. If you want to visit some famous places in Gujarat then Laxmi Vilas Palace is a good option. Read MoreBook rann of kutch tour package.

6 Porbandar Beach:-

Porbandar Beach popularly known as Chowpatty Beach. This is one of the best visited beaches in India located in Porbandar. At this places you can travel with your family and have lots of fun. Children can enjoy a skating rink here.

There is a Hazur Palace situated near the beach, which is a major attraction for the tourists visiting here. The most important port of Gujarat located here and the beach is quite helpful in the commercial development of the state. If you are looking for best places to visit in Gujarat, then you must go for Porbandar Beach.

7 places to visit in junagadh:-

Junagadh is one of the best places to visit in Gujarat. Being the princely capital of the state, it is the center of many historical monuments. Junagadh located very close to the Girnar hills and the world famous Gir National Park. Sakkabag Zoo, Wildlife Museum, Mohabbat Tomb, Uparkot Fort, Girnar Hills and Gir National Park are places to visit in junagadh. Tourists looking for a best places to visit in Gujarat should visit Junagadh.

8 Saputara Hill Station:-

Saputara located in the Western Ghats is a quaint little hill station in Dang district of Gujarat. Which attracts people to its beautiful green forests, mountains and waterfalls. Saputara is the most preferred tourist places of the city. This places situated at an altitude of 875 meters above sea level and is a paradise for eco-lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and people who like adventure sports. It is located 250 kilometers from Mumbai in Dang district. sunset point saputara also best attraction in saputara.

Let me tell you that saputara hill station weather attract tourist which come to see sunset point saputara. The tribal people of this region worship snakes. This places is full of magnificent trekking routes and greenery. Where tourists come to get a wonderful peace. If you are planning top places to visit in Gujarat then you must visit Saputara. Saputara resorts and nightlife in saputara are very beauty full for tourist.  Read Morebook dwarka somnath tour package.

9  Places to Visit in Ambaji:-

Ambaji is a very beautiful tourist places in Gujarat which known for its pilgrimage and religious tourism. Let us know that there are many beautiful temples at this places, which mesmerises them with their architecture. The places is mainly associated with the worship of Goddess Amba, and various temples such as the Ambe Temple dedicated to her worship. This places associated with beautiful places of worship with beliefs as to the origin of mankind.

Along with this, this places also shows the connection between gods and nature. The Gabbar Hills located here associated with the mythology of Goddess Sati. Gabbar Hills is a beautiful tourist destination situated at the top of 999 stairs. Kailash Hill situated here is a beautiful places from where tourists can get a beautiful view of the sunset. gabbar hill, ambe temple, kailash hill sunset, kamakshi mandir and koteshwar are the places to visit in ambaji.

10 Rani Ki Vav Patan:-

rani ki vav patan is a famous places in Gujarat. Patan has been include in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Patan is a new tourist center in India that attracts tourists from far and wide. It has been the state capital for about 650 years in medieval times. the people here have a very positive approach to learning and development.

This city wins everyone’s heart with its beauty. rani ki vav patan is a historical value and has been a part of archaeological research in the past. rani ki vav also has many temples, dargahs and Jain temples. If you want to visit some religious places in Gujarat then you should include Patan in your list.

11 Vadodara Gujarat:-

Vadodara Gujarat is a famous places to visit in Gujarat. Let me tell you that here you can see many samples of magnificent architecture. Here Vadodara Gujarat is a fitting memorial to the Maratha leader Sayaji Rao Gaekwad III, who had a dream to make this city an educational, industrial and commercial center. In this city, the festival of Navratri celebrated with great pomp and show. No city in India celebrates the festival of Navratri with as much enthusiasm as Vadodara. Along with this, the Lakshmi Vilas Palace located here is the main attraction. Apart from this, there are many mythological monuments located in Vadodara which you can visit.

Read Morebook gujarat holiday tour package.

12 Gandhinagar Gujarat:-

Gandhinagar is the capital of the state of Gujarat and also a Famous tourist Place in gujarat. Gandhinagar offers tourists a rich cultural heritage, beautiful temples and a serene environment. Akshardham Temple located in Gandhinagar is one of the most beautiful temples in the country.

Apart from this, other attractions here are the Children’s Park and a uniquely built stepwell. Gandhinagar also has holy shrines such as Hanumanji Temple and Brahmani Temple. Even though these temples are not very famous, but they give a great experience to the tourists.

13 Girnar:-

Girnar is a green hill located in Gujarat, which included in the famous attraction in Gujarat. This places is a center for religious activities and a paradise for trekkers. Tourists can trek here and have spectacular views of the hills. The Datar peak here considered sacred by both Hindus and Muslims. Apart from this, there are holy temples like Neminath Temple and Meravasi Temple which are prominent in the Jain community.

Another major attraction of this places is the Girnar Parikrama Festival. This parikrama festival takes places every year between the months of January and February. Hindu and Jain devotees gather here in large numbers in this fair. The highest point of Gujarat is Mount Girnar at an altitude of 1,031 meters (or 3,383 ft).

14 Rajkot:-

Rajkot is a small but a major city in Gujarat. Rajkot one of the best places in Gujarat as the city is filled with sites of architectural and historical importance. Apart from its landmarks, the city also serves as an essential center for the automobile industry, handicrafts industry and a textile industry. Rajkot named among the cleanest city in India and is also the 22nd fastest growing city in the world. If you are an architectural and history lover then you must visit Rajkot.

15 Champaner Pavagadh:-

The archaeological park one of the most famous places in Gujarat, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park holds a lot of historical and mythological significance in itself. The park has many architectural marvels. Which includes both Hindu and Islamic style designs.

The most special thing about this places is that the hill of Pavagadh considered a part of the Himalayas which originally taken to Lanka by Hanuman in the epic Ramayana. With its interesting history, this places is one of the best places to visit in Gujarat.

Famous local food and dishes to eat in Gujarat

During your Gujarat trip, you can taste many types of food here. Gujarat is famous for dal, kadhi, salad, puri, chapatis, pickles, papad and some fashionable sweets. The food of Gujarat is vibrant, distinct and colorful like the cultures here. The food here cooked in a unique style. Traditional local food gives Gujarat its own unique colors. Gujarati cuisine differs in taste when moving from one places in Gujarat to another. Of this, Surat, Kathiawar, Kutch and North Gujarat are the most different. Mostly vegetarian food is available here. Here you can feel the taste of different spices. According to tradition, food served in metal plates.

Gujarati food includes dal, kadhi, salad, puri, chapatis, pickles, papad and some fashionable sweets. Apart from this, Dhokla, Thepla, Fafda, Kachori, Khandvi, Handwo, Ganthia, Aundhia, Debra, Surat Paun are many delicious Gujarati dishes that you must taste. Apart from this, Puran Poli, Shrikhand, Ghevar, Malpua are the sweet traditional sweet dishes without which your journey to Gujarat is totally incomplete.

Best time to visit in Gujarat:-

If you are planning to visit Gujarat, then tell that the best time to visit here is during winter which is between October to February. Gujarat is a dry region that experiences high temperature and humidity. Traveling here can be a good option in monsoon as well. During summer, the temperature here rises significantly, due to which it is difficult to explore the tourist places. But Saputara Hill Station and many natural reserves situated here, where you can visit during the summer.

How to reach Gujarat:-

Gujarat is a major state of India which attracts tourists from all over the world besides India with its cultural vibrancy and religious grandeur. Let me tell you that Gujarat is one of the most bustling tourist centers today. If a tourist wants to travel to Gujarat, then he can reach here by road, air route, train route and sea route.

1 How to reach Gujarat by road

If you want to travel to Gujarat by road, then tell that here some of the best roadways in Western India. The total length of Gujarat’s roadways is 68,900 km, which includes national highways, state highways and other types of roadways. There are many 2 and 4 lane roads in Gujarat. Many buses operated in Gujarat by the State Road Transport Corporation. You can travel anywhere throughout the state via buses. Tourists can avail both bus and taxi services during their Gujarat tour.

2 How to reach Gujarat by rail route

Traveling to Gujarat by rail route is quite convenient. Gujarat connected to various parts of the country by rail. Gujarat comes under the Western Railway Division of the Indian Railways. There are several important railway stations throughout the state of Gujarat, of which Surat, Rajkot, Ahmedabad are some of the major railway stations. Vadodara railway station is the busiest station for this, you can also take trains from Mumbai and Delhi. Super fast trains run regularly between these stations and other parts of the country.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Which is the most beautiful places in Gujarat?
Most Beautiful Tourist Places in Gujarat for Wonderful Holiday and Vacation

  • Sardar Sarovar Dam.
  • Laxmi Vilas Palace.
  • Somnath Temple.
  • Gir National Park.
  • Hajipir Dargah.
  • Diu.
  • Sabarmati Ashram.
  • Jama Masjid.

Which is the best month to visit Gujarat?

Best Time to Visit Gujarat. The state has variant climatic conditions throughout the year. Gujarat as a whole has hot and dry summers, and pleasant winters. You can plan a trip to Gujarat all the year long, but the best time visit Gujarat is during winter months, November to February

What is Gujarat famous food?

This is the most famous Food item of Gujarat that almost, every Indian knows about. Dhokla is a widely eaten Gujarat Food Dish for breakfast or as a snack. Fermented rice and chickpeas are the main ingredients of this dish

Which is the famous sweet of Gujarat?

Mohanthal – gram flour aka besan fudge – is a traditional Gujarati sweet that is a must have on special occasions besides being consumed on any regular day too. It gets its rich taste from loads of ghee, sweetened gram flour, milk powder, heavy cream, cardamom, embellished with a concoction of fine dry fruits

What is the Speciality of Gujarat?

Gujarat is famous for its classy thread work. ‘Zari’ industry based in Surat and ‘Kathi’ embroidery of Kutch are the best examples of thread works. Bandhani or Bandhej is another famous speciality of Gujarat. This basic tie-dye work is available in various textiles like cotton, georgette, and chiffon

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